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Interior Renovation Services



Our professional team covers different types of services for your home renovation, including interior and exterior painting. Painting takes a huge role to your new looking house. Let us cover all your painting services for your house renovation and your house will shine to your neighbors.



When it comes to kitchen remodeling, this is one of the most important parts of your house that has to be perfectly made that our team takes care of. We tend to follow new innovations and designs and bring new ideas of kitchen remodeling so the clients can easily decide pick.



Brilliant Renovation team has been using sheetrock for a long time considering how helpful and requested they are from the clients. Considering how many benefits sheetrock offers, people tend to choose it even more. It’s clean, light, and can be customized based on the customer’s preferences.



Bathroom Renovation is considered as the most requested part of the house. As just as how important it is for your house, we will take care of it in details. Based on the role that it takes for your house, we get to be more specific when it comes to details so your bathroom will be just as you wished.



Are you looking to get rid of your old damaged stairs? Let us build you new stairs for your house so you can move freely and safe around it. We have a lot of experience for different types of building stairs and by this we guarantee you full quality stairs for your dream house.



When it comes to us, we cover different types of flooring. Laminate, hardwood, vinyl, tile flooring… we cover all of them based on your preferences. Flooring takes a huge part and by so, it also needs more attention even to small details so they don’t become huge problems in the future.

Exterior Renovation Services



We offer full service chimney repair. Whether your chimney was built without a liner, your chimney liner is cracked, or you are having problems with leaks, smoking and drafts, or need masonry repairs, we can help. In addition, we provide chimney cleaning, new chimney and fireplace construction, and a full system evaluation and report to assess the condition of your chimney.



Brilliant Renovation team has been covering roofing services for a long time. We do cover such services as roof installing, replacement, repair and maintenance based on your request. We provide both residential and commercial roofing services. One of the ways we stand apart from other roofing contractors is that our installers have extensive training and years of experience.



Whether you want a custom built deck or a deck replacement, the team at Brilliant Renovation is here to help you decide the best option for your needs. A deck installation is an excellent choice for extending the living space of your house into the outdoors while offering a good return on your investment. We are ready to help you explore the possibilities of what your deck could be.

gutter cleaning


You need your gutters to help water (and melted ice and snow) drain smoothly from your roof and flow where you want it to go. Otherwise, pools around your foundation or ice on your driveway and walkways could be the unpleasant result… and those problems will lead inevitably to far worse ones. We offer such services as: installation, repair & replacement, maintenance and cleaning.



Masonry has a variety of useful and beautiful ways it can be used in your home or business. Of course, to fully enjoy the benefits that masonry can provide, you need to have your masonry work handled by an experienced professional. And here in New York, that professional should be none other than Brilliant Renovation. We cover a variety of services for masonry. Call us now!



Skylights are a perfect way to enhance the look and feel of a home or business. Skylights don’t last forever, though. Brilliant Renovation offers solutions to all types of maintenance problems that occur once a skylight is added to a structure. Skylight services include all facets of maintenance including maintaining, cleaning, repairing, re-glazing, and if necessary, installing a new skylight.