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Looking to renovate your home? Or maybe you just want to make some small changes? Let us take care of it! Our professional contractors of Brilliant Renovation Team are known for handling all the client’s requests by paying attention to details.




We offer full service chimney repair.




Brilliant Renovation team has been covering roofing services for a long time. We do cover such services as roof installing, replacement, repair and maintenance based on your request One of the ways we stand apart from other roofing contractors is that our installers have extensive training and years of experience.



 We are ready to help you explore the possibilities of what your deck could be.



You need your gutters to help water (and melted ice and snow) drain smoothly from your roof and flow where you want it to go. We offer such services as: installation, repair & replacement, maintenance and cleaning.



Masonry has a variety of useful and beautiful ways it can be used in your home or business. We cover a variety of services for masonry. Call us now!

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Skylights are a perfect way to enhance the look and feel of a home or business.. Skylight services include all facets of maintenance including maintaining, cleaning, repairing, re-glazing, and if necessary, installing a new skylight.

Brilliant Renovation LLC is a dedicated professional team that serves all types of Home Renovation Services to the clients that want their houses to feel new and fresh once again.

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