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Chimney Contractors in Bronx, New York

Chimney Contractors in Bronx, New York

Are you looking for a chimney contractor in Bronx, New York? What if your chimney is not safe? Leaks, cracks, and build-up can quickly turn a cozy shelter into a potential hazard. But Bronx, New York homeowners take a breath! Brilliant Renovations LLC is your local expert, committed to keeping your chimney healthy and your home safe.

The Brilliant of Chimney Renovation Bronx, NY

Don’t accept something less than the quality. Our chimney sweep team of licensed specialists brings years of revel in and careful attention to elements in every process. Whether you need an ordinary chimney cleansing, chimney sweep, expert chimney restoration, or a logo-new chimney installation, we address any chimney undertaking with know-how and willpower to your satisfaction. So, go away from the concern at the back and embody the warm temperature that comes with selecting Brilliant Renovations LLC.

Our Chimney Renovation Services

Chimney Repair in Bronx, New York
Chimney Repair Bronx

Chimney Repair Bronx offers expert diagnosis and repair services for chimney problems, including flashing repair, brick and mortar repair, flue liner repair or replacement, and chimney cap installation to ensure proper water drainage, a strong chimney, and prevent carbon monoxide leaks.

Chimney Cleaning in Bronx, New York
Chimney Cleaning Bronx

Regular chimney cleaning removes harmful build-up, reduces fire risk, and improves fireplace efficiency. At Brilliant Renovation, At Brilliant Renovation LLC, we offer chimney sweeps, single and double flue cleaning for safety, and performance. Additionally, we offer detailed video inspections for peace of mind.

Chimney Installation in Bronx, New York
Chimney Installation Bronx

At Brilliant Renovation LLC, Our experts handle chimney installation, ensuring proper construction and safety code compliance. We specialize in prefabricated and custom-built chimneys and safe and efficient fireplace and stove installations, ensuring your new fireplace or stove meets your needs and style.

Chimney Contractors Near Me In Bronx, New York area

Does the concept of a crackling hearth ship shiver down your backbone, but now not in an excellent way? Worried approximately hidden dangers lurking in your chimney, ready to disrupt your ice comfort? You are not alone, Bronx, New York homeowner! Defective chimneys pose serious safety risks, and navigating repairs or maintenance can be overwhelming.

Brilliant Renovations LLC is your local chimney superhero for all things chimney. We offer expert service, an unwavering dedication to the safety and warmth of your home, and a promise to make your chimney a distant memory.

Why Choose Brilliant Renovation LLC?

Expert Team:

Our Brilliant Renovation LLC team is skilled in expert craftsmanship and holds relevant certifications, ensuring top-notch work that meets industry standards and local regulations.


Our safety is our top priority, and we employ the latest techniques and equipment to ensure every service, from cleaning to complex repairs, is conducted safely and effectively.

Comprehensive Services:

We provide a comprehensive suite of chimney services, from routine cleaning, and chimney sweep to intricate repairs, ensuring you don’t have to juggle multiple contractors.

Local Expertise:

Our Brilliant Renovation company, rooted in the Bronx community, offers tailored solutions for chimneys, recognizing the unique challenges and specific requirements of our local community.

Competitive Pricing:

We prioritize fair and transparent pricing, providing detailed estimates upfront without hidden fees, allowing for informed decision-making without surprises.

Customer Service:

Our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service by promptly answering questions, addressing concerns, and providing clear explanations throughout the process.

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Roland KoldashiRoland Koldashi
00:55 18 Aug 23
We had our new roof put on in July.Tony explained everything to us in detail and gave us an easy to read proposal. He was willing to answer our many questions. He was a true professional. Tony and his crew paid great attention to detail in preparing for the removal of our old roof, preparing for the new roof to be put on, and then putting on the new roof. He informed us of what to expect at every step of the process and included photos of spots on the roof that needed fixed and the final views of the new roof from multiple angles. His crew was hard working and very professional. The clean-up was incredible. We cannot be happier with our selection of Brilliant Renovation LLC !!!
Benito UmajingaBenito Umajinga
19:58 11 Aug 23
They did excellent roof repair in my house
They did a great job.
ARCADEE EntertainmentARCADEE Entertainment
21:43 30 Jun 23
Brilliant Renovation team did such a great job for my house. They came in early everyday, did what they had to, everything in time. And most importantly they did a great job! Highly recommended!
Manuel CajilemaManuel Cajilema
23:45 15 Jun 23
They did new roof ,new gutter,new siding to my house everything gooing excellent.
Ashly MAshly M
15:11 17 Apr 23
An excellent contracting firm. Very responsive, respectful, professional and punctual. I would recommend Brilliant Renovation LLC for reasonable prices and quality work. We had a great experience with their staff..
Ilir IbrajIlir Ibraj
18:08 09 Apr 23
Brilliant renovation come at my home,they’ve done a new roof, great work fast and clean, responsible and professional, i highly recommend to anyone thank you very much Brilliant renovation for the nice work
Anisa BrAnisa Br
00:25 28 Mar 23
This team did an amazing job on my roof. Their prices were great and their service was fantastic.

Chimney Contractors Bronx, New York

Brilliant Renovation LLC Makes Chimney To Your Home Easy.

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Failure to maintain your chimney can pose serious health risks. When chimneys are not regularly cleaned or inspected, soot and other harmful substances can accumulate which can cause dangerous blockages. These blockages can cause toxic gases, such as carbon monoxide, to build up and back up in your home instead of venting them safely outside. This exposure to carbon monoxide and other toxins can be harmful to your health, potentially causing respiratory problems or other serious health problems.

Dryer vent cleaning enhances the appliance’s efficiency by removing lint, debris, and blockages that can impede airflow. This thorough cleaning ensures that the dryer operates optimally, reducing the time needed to dry clothes. Consequently, less energy is consumed during each cycle, leading to significant savings on utility bills. Additionally, an efficiently running dryer is less stressed, which can extend its lifespan and minimize repair costs.

Brilliant Renovation LLC, The company employs a cutting-edge filtration technique that effectively eliminates all dirt, ensuring that the chimney space is thoroughly clean.

Regular maintenance of chimneys is crucial in ensuring fire safety as it helps in preventing the accumulation of soot and creosote, which are highly flammable substances. By having a professional clean and inspect the chimney routinely, any blockages or structural issues that could potentially cause a fire to spread uncontrollably can be addressed. This involves a thorough cleaning of all components, including the chimney cap and fireplace, ensuring that the chimney operates efficiently and safely, thereby markedly reducing the risk of uncontrollable flames.

If you have any inquiries regarding our chimney cleaning services, please don’t hesitate to send us a message. We’re eager to assist you with detailed information on procedures, safety practices, pricing, and scheduling to ensure your chimney is properly maintained. Reach out today for a cleaner, safer home!

If you’re in need of professional chimney cleaning services in Bronx, NY, consider reaching out to Brilliant Renovation LLC. Our team of specialists possesses extensive knowledge and skills in comprehensive chimney maintenance. We conduct thorough inspections from the chimney’s top to its base, identifying any potential issues and removing all obstructive or hazardous materials. In addition to ensuring your chimney’s cleanliness and functionality, we also offer dryer vent cleaning to boost your system’s efficiency and help reduce your energy expenses. Ignoring the maintenance of your chimney could pose serious health risks. To safeguard your home and health, it’s crucial to engage with seasoned professionals. For more details on our services or to request a quote, please feel free to contact us.

If you are interested in receiving an estimate and further information regarding our chimney cleaning services, please get in touch. You can easily reach us by providing your Name, Phone Number, Email, Subject, and Message. Once we receive your inquiry, we will promptly respond with the necessary details and an estimate. Send your contact information to start the consultation process.

By providing honest recommendations and advice based on their thorough inspection, the experts help homeowners understand the necessary steps to keep the chimney maintained properly over time.

The professionals provide valuable insights and suggestions on how to maintain the chimney in safe and hygienic conditions, which involves more than just physical cleaning.

The inspection process is very comprehensive, covering the entire chimney from the uppermost part to the bottom to ensure all areas are checked for safety and cleanliness.